Time Lapse Photography

Time Lapse Photography



I can only imagine the time and patience Mothers invest in raising a family. This photo only took 4 minutes to take, but was 40 years in the making. It was worth the wait!



Tight Crop

In 1977 I received my first hair cut from my dad in our garage. 37 years later I still have the same barber. The price remains the same..



Long Exposure

During Mother’s day I was flipping through my parents photo album and saw a picture from when they were dating. 45 years later and still married, I took a shot of them to recreate that pic. They still have the same love, coffee table and ash trays!


Camera Flash

A photo of my sister, mom and myself in 1984 at my Grandmother’s house. As usual my mother blinked and closed her eyes when the camera flashed. 30 years later, as usual, my mother blinked her eyes at the exact moment…


semper fi


Mission Accomplished 

This month will be my parents 49th wedding anniversary. Although it would have been nice for my father, a U.S. Marine and Vietnam veteran, to see another year, I believe his mission was a success. I have some large boots to fill!



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